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Municipal Heat Planning

In more and more countries, municipalities are playing an active and vital role in planning a sustainable transition of the heat sector. 

In areas where district heating (DH) is already established, heat planning often deals with new sustainable heat sources, sector integration, and integrating new and existing industrial or residential buildings with the DH system. 

In areas without DH – perhaps heated with individual natural gas boilers – the municipalities can use heat planning to investigate and plan for an efficient transition. Most likely, it will be a mix of different solutions. DH is in some areas and individual heat pumps where buildings are far apart. 

Municipal heat planning is about more than just investigating the optimal solutions. It is also about collaboration and finding good ways to implement the solutions. 

DBDH is involved in several projects about municipal heat planning, and below are links to three specific projects about municipal heat planning in Germany, the Netherlands, and China.