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Membership of DBDH

DBDH promotes district heating and district cooling both locally and internationally. A membership offers value for members through networking and activities such as export promotions, member meetings and conferences creating new business opportunities. As a member, your company benefits from:

Energipolitisk konference i Moltkes Palæ i København
Energipolitisk konference i Moltkes Palæ i København
  • A valuable network in the district heating sector across industrial enterprises, consultant engineers and utilities with large engagementet
  • Members’ meetings with focus on export markets or current issues of the sector. The meetings are a forum for informal discussions with other member companies.
  • An annual general assembly
  • Visits to utility companies in Denmark, “Tour de Utility”
  • Opportunity to submit company specific news directly through monthly newsletters and our website to which 2-3 news are uploaded on a weekly basis

DBDH is known in the export markets as the representative for the district heating industry in Denmark, e.g., through participation in many conferences with presentations about Danish district heating technology and solutions and also through the professional magazine HOT|COOL which is published ten times per year. A membership gives you:

  • Access to join export promotions directly targeted at the district heating sector on both the local and the international markets. The Danish Energy Agency or Danish utilities will often participate and blue-stamp Danish solutions abroad. Likewise, the official Denmark is often participating (ambassador, ministers).
  • Influence on the priority of the market focus
  • Contacts with national district heating associations at the export markets through DBDH’s cooperation with these
  •  A company profile in one of the upcoming editions of HOT|COOL after you enter into the organization
  • The opportunity to publish articles about relevant cases/technology in HOT|COOL
  • Access to participate in delegation visits to Denmark from the export markets
  • Network with the Danish District Heating Association (Dansk Fjernvarme), Green Energy (Grøn Energi), and the District Heating Information Fund (Fjernvarmens Informationsfond)
  • A visible organization that promotes the interests of the industry in Denmark
  • A visible organization that promotes the interests of the industry in Denmark
  • Attention to the terms and conditions for exports of Danish district heating technology and consultancy
  • Attention to the framework for district cooling
  • A large network of suppliers, which offers possibilities of informal discussion with existing as well as potential suppliers
  • A network of like-minded utilities, which means that know-how can be exchanged quickly
  • A way to increase employee satisfaction in your company by allowing interested employees to represent the company to foreign delegations or participate in export-promoting activities, either in a support role for commercial companies or by engaging in profit-making activities. This allows employees to expand their skill sets and gain valuable experience.
  • A possibility of maintaining and attracting staff interested in working with district heating in a broader sense nationally and internationally.
  • Insight into the many international requests which means that the utility is given new district heating knowledge 


To learn more about the member benefits, discount agreements, focus groups, and more, please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat or board of directors. Please fill out the form via the link here:

Become a member

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