Our offices

Our office is localized in the city of Frederiksberg. We are five people working on a daily basis with DBDH’s activities, organizing meetings, delegation visits, sector visits abroad, writing articles, news and much more.


Stæhr Johansens Vej 38
DK-2000 Frederiksberg


DBDH epitomizes the leading actors of the Danish district energy sector. You can search for our members on this website.

Every quarter DBDH publishes the  magazine “HOT|COOL”. You can sign up to receive our international magazine (free of charge) on this website.

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The secratariat

Lars Hummelmose

Lars Hummelmose

Managing Director

Contact for China and other Asian countries, North America, and the Middle East

Email: lh@dbdh.dk
Phone: +45 8893 9151 
Mobile: +45 2990 0080 

Pia Zimmermann

Pia Zimmermann

Export Manager

Accounting and general enquiries
Contact for Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and CIS countries

Email: pz@dbdh.dk
Phone: +45  8893 9153 
Mobile: +45 2926 0380 

Morten Jordt Duedahl

Morten Jordt Duedahl

Business Development Manager

Contact for Western Europe

Email: md@dbdh.dk
Phone: +45 8893 9152 
Mobile :+45 5175 6864 


Linda Bergholt Bertelsen

Linda Bergholt Bertelsen

Communication & Digital Media Manager

Email: lb@dbdh.dk
Phone: +45 8893 9155
Mobile :+45 2812 3526

Hanne Kortegaard Støchkel

Project Development Manager
Projects to support more and better district energy in the world
Email: hks@dbdh.dk
Phone: +45 6059 2705

Elaine Jordan

Elaine Jordan

Business Coordinator

Email: ej@dbdh.dk
Phone: +45 8893 9156 

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