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Media & Press: Stay Updated with the Latest News and Releases

by dbdh

What are we doing and why?

DBDH promote district energy to cities and regions in Europe and worldwide for their sustainable transformation. We do this by representing the leading actors in the Danish district energy sector. We identify, inform, and facilitate partnerships between our members and associates worldwide. By networking and collaboration, DBDH supports the export of Danish knowledge and new technology, promoting a healthier environment globally while creating jobs and growth. Read more about DBDH here.

What services do we provide?

We organize meetings worldwide, invite delegations to Denmark, and arrange presentations, workshops, and conferences. We facilitate knowledge and networks, organize conferences, and participate in exhibitions with partners. We advise on district heating and cooling solutions here on the website, in the monthly newsletter, and in the Hot Cool magazine.

Contact the DBDH media/marketing team

If you are looking for an expert in a specific area, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will find one among our members. We can also supply you with images of district energy products (pipes, pumps, etc.) and localities. See our contact details below.

Lars Hummelmose
Managing director - PRESS CONTACT
Email: lh@dbdh.dk Phone: +45 8893 9151 Mobile: +45 2990 0080
Linda Bergholt Bertelsen
Communications & Digital Manager - MEDIA AND MARKETING
E-mail: lb@dbdh.dk - Phone: +45 8893 9155 - Mobile:+45 2812 3526

Highlights from recent DBDH events

In the photo library below you will find several press images. If you do not find what you are looking for, please get in touch with us.



Download our media kit, with info and logo color codes here.

For a high-resolution DBDH-logo (vector graphic), please, contact Linda Bergholt Bertelsen at lb@dbdh.dk

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