DBDH is Denmark’s leading district heating export organisation.

DBDH’s mission is to promote district energy for a sustainable city transformation. We represent the leading actors of the district energy sector, and identify, inform and facilitate partnerships between our members and partners in more than 70 countries. Through co-operation, DBDH strengthens the export of Danish technology and knowledge, consequently providing a brighter future for the environment globally while creating jobs and growth.

Globally there is an enormous amount of energy loss caused by inefficient power plants and distribution. In Europe, the energy waste is equivalent to 1000 euros per EU citizen annually. DHC (district heating and cooling) is an energy efficient technology that effectively reduces this waste. At the same time it is economically advantageous, environmentally safe and extremely reliable.

Denmark has accumulated know-how through more than 100 years of experience in district heating systems, ranging from energy planning, renewable energy and surplus energy, which results in today´s most efficient combined heat and power technology. DBDH wishes to share this experience worldwide as well as serving the interest of the industry at a local level.

We invite you to learn from our members by participating in our activities and by inviting us to participate in your events. Do you have an interest in learning more about the worlds most advanced DHC system, we also invite you to visit Denmark and we will help you with a relevant program for your visit.

To learn more about the Danish experience, expertise and knowledge with DHC, please view this page.


Members and partners

For 40 years, DBDH has established an international network platform from which our members benefit. Diplomatic channels and sector specific contacts provide us with unique local knowledge, trust and partnerships. Through numerous export promotions every year, we create new business opportunities for our members. In addition, DBDH attends and arranges conferences, seminars and exhibitions to create awareness on DHC.

Our exceptional network include equipment suppliers, turnkey suppliers, automation suppliers, consulting engineers and utilities completing the circle of knowledge. You can find a complete list of our members here.

DBDH facilitates cooperation with other national DHC organizations in countries and geographic areas selected by our members. This is a crucial step mitigating possibilities for our members in relation to export and penetrating markets. DBDH raises awareness of Danish expertise in DHC, and as an organization, we are a well-respected business partner in markets abroad. In new markets such as Eastern Europe, new DHC organizations are established. As our members gain interest in these countries and regions, DBDH establishes cooperation with relevant organizations.

Membership of DBDH

DBDH promotes district heating and district cooling both locally and internationally. A membership offers value for members through networking and activities such as export promotions, member meetings and conferences, creating new business opportunities. As a member, your company benefits from:

Hot Cool

DBDH produces and distributes the magazine Hot Cool. The magazine is published quarterly, and we reach more than 8,000 readers in over 60 countries. Hot Cool presents state-of-the-art district heating and cooling technology in all its aspects through articles written by experienced professionals. Read more