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The board

DBDH’s goal is to create the best value for all stakeholders in the district energy world and to support the development of district energy. We do that by continuously developing strategic efforts as the Go-to-Partner for District Energy.

A go-to for us is a two-way street! We go-to everyone with an interest in district energy, and we hope many will go-to us together. We make more people, companies, and cities benefit from sustainable district energy, which also is our mission: Create a better world where people, companies, and cities benefit from sustainable district energy.

Danish not-for-profit NGO since 1978

DBDH is a Danish not-for-profit organization  established in 1978. Together with our 75 members, we work to give people, companies, and cities the benefit of district energy. Our focus areas are networking, export promotion, market development, communication, and public affairs. Read more about this in our DBDH Strategy 2023-2026 (link to strategizing).

DBDH Bylaws

You find the DBDH bylaws here.

DBDH Members

Our members and cooperation partners are from the entire district energy value chain and consist of district heating utilities, manufacturers, advisors, authorities, and universities from Denmark and abroad.

DBDH international cooperation

We invite you to learn from our members by participating in our activities and inviting us to participate in your events. If you are interested in learning more about the world’s most efficient and advanced DHC system, we invite you to visit Denmark, and we will help you with a relevant program for your visit. We are here to help your district energize your city to secure more, better, and faster DHC. 

Feel free to reach out and share how we can support your city or region. Don’t miss our upcoming events or the chance to subscribe to our newsletters for the latest updates.n