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Engaging in a comprehensive range of initiatives, our organization actively fosters the exchange of knowledge and expertise among district energy stakeholders on a global scale.

Through a diverse array of carefully designed activities, including conferences, workshops, webinars, and study tours, we pave the way for the flow of insights and innovative ideas within the district energy field. We are eager to provide specialist’s insight for our participants by engaging experts and practitioners in our activities.

Please, have a look at some of our previous knowledge-sharing events here:

DBDH Webinar Recordings 2

Webinars – Unlock the power of knowledge

In the virtual realm, our webinars connect global experts and eager learners. It’s an opportunity to be part of a worldwide dialogue that transcends geographical limitations, igniting a collective pursuit of cutting-edge solutions.
In these interactive online sessions, participants can engage with thought leaders in real-time. 

Workshops and seminars
in your city

District heating workshops and seminars offer a unique opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts to learn about the latest developments in the industry and connect with experts in the field. Whether you’re an engineer, a policy maker, or simply interested in sustainable energy solutions, these events provide valuable insights and networking opportunities. 

District heating study tours to Denmark

For those seeking to embark on an immersive exploration, our study tours offer a firsthand experience of district energy systems in action. Participants witness the tangible impact of innovative approaches and sustainable practices, enriching their understanding and inspiring ideas for adaptation in their own contexts.