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VIP Webinar – District Heating the World

by Linda Bertelsen
District Heating pipes, constructing

Key stakeholders share insights into plans and opportunities in the state of Sachsen, Germany.

The district heating sector in Germany is investing in further expansion and modernisation through engaged cities and Stadtwerke supplemented by earmarked funds from both federal and regional levels. The district heating has found its place as an energy efficient heat source supporting Germany’s target of climate neutrality by 2050.

How to District Energize your city

District heating (DH) is not a won battle…. yet! All over Europe, a battle to improve framework conditions for DH solutions is on. DH is an important part of an integrated, future proof energy system – some would say it’s the backbone, that can play a vital role in decarbonizing our common energy solutions both for heating, electricity, and transport. 
In this webinar, we invited top managers from different companies and organizations, who shared their thoughts on how to make district heating a winner all over the world.

Publish date: July 16th, 2020 

Distinguished speakers

  • Volker Kinzeln, Geschäftsführer, KEA , Baden-Württemberg GmbH
  • Anton Koller, Divisional President District Energy, Danfoss
  • Kim Christensen, President & CEO, Logstor
  • Steen Schelle Jensen, Head of Business Development – Heat/Cooling, Kamstrup

The moderator inspiring and engaging the speaker’s discussion is Paul Voss, Euroheat & Power.

Meet the experts

Anton Koller
Divisional President District Energy, Danfoss
Kim Christensen
President & CEO, Logstor
Steen Schelle Jensen
Head of Business Development, Kamstrup

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