The war is raging in Ukraine. This is also affecting the heat supply in the big country. Kyivteploenergo - the heat supply company in the capital Kyiv, which supplies 3 million heat users - is asking for help from district heating plants in the rest of Europe.

by Linda Bertelsen

Kyivteploenergo is a member of Euroheat & Power – the European district heating organization – and it is through that organization, that the prayer from Ukraine is now coming.

We ask for your help – if possible – to ensure the continued operation of heat supply companies and to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in the parts of Ukraine where the hostilities take place, the company writes in an email to Euroheat & Power.

The letter states that it is not only the heat supply company in Kyiv that needs help – it also applies to many other heating companies around the country – not least in the larger cities.

The Ukrainian heating company explains in the inquiry that emergency crews work around the clock to provide heat and hot water to the residents of many cities.

In the inquiry, Kyivteploenergo also lists the materials and tools that are particularly needed – see below.

If there are district heating companies in Denmark that can contribute, please contact Euroheat & Power at the following email: communications@euroheat.org.

Kyivteploenergo itself divides its request into two sections:

Protective equipment for employees:

  • Protective clothing (body armor), helmets, mats, sleeping bags, backpacks, first aid equipment

Technical equipment for operation of the plants:

  • Generators (stationary and mobile), heaters of various kinds, polyethylene films of at least 90 microns (to close window openings during the bombardment and to avoid frost on technical equipment), communication equipment with a range of up to 20 km, rechargeable lamps/lamps, cranks, battery-powered angle grinders, extinguishing equipment (fire), power banks
  • Latches of various types (diam. 50-200) for the shutdown of the houses that have suffered from the bombing
    We believe that there may be locking equipment (e.g., padlocks) but also sleeves to close damaged pipes so that they do not leak more district heating water.
  • “Crancks” are probably hand tools, such as wrenches and socket wrenches, and the like.