Member Company Profile: European Energy

by Linda Bertelsen
Esbjerg Windmill Park

European Energy’s Power-to-X plant will be ready in Esbjerg in the first half of 2023 and supply green hydrogen to the Port of Esbjerg. The surplus heat from the production goes into DIN Forsyning’s district heating network and can deliver heat equivalent to 200 households in the immediate area.

European Energy will be ready in the first half of 2023 with the first Power-to-X (PtX) plant in Esbjerg municipality. The plant will produce green hydrogen for ships docked in the harbor of Esbjerg and for industrial customers in Denmark.

DIN Forsyning has agreed with European Energy to take the excess heat from production. This surplus heat will be able to heat the equivalent of 200 average households in the start-up phase.

– We are delighted with this agreement we have entered with European Energy. The more surplus heat we can use in our district heating system without producing it ourselves, the better. When we can use resources left over from other processes, it is a win-win all the way around. For the climate, our customers, European Energy, and ourselves. The facility will also contribute important knowledge about how we integrate and operate this type of sector integration, says Claus A. Nielsen, business development manager at DIN Forsyning.

Power-to-X based directly on local green power

The facility connects directly to the large wind turbines in Måde. It runs 100% on local green electricity. This means that the surplus heat that DIN Forsyning takes is even more climate-friendly.

– The plant is also a demonstration plant within sector coupling. It will provide valuable knowledge to the industry on how to make sector coupling in practice when even larger plants are to be built, says Rene Alcaraz Frederiksen, Head Project Economics & Optimization, Power-to-X, from European Energy. The plant is expected to be ready for expansion within a few
years – and thus able to supply even more hydrogen and excess heat.

Easy to utilize the heat

The location of the facility makes it easy for DIN Forsyning to utilize district heating without requiring extensive additional resources or investments:
– The future PtX plant is located so that it is straightforward for us to connect the excess heat to our district heating system.

So, it doesn’t require us to build a lot extra to utilize the heat. In addition, the excess heat from production provides the right temperature for our district heating water, so we do not have to supplement with extra heating, concludes Claus A. Nielsen.


  • European Energy’s PtX facility is expected to be ready in the first half of 2023.
  • The facility is connected directly to local wind turbines and will produce green hydrogen for, among others, Esbjerg Harbour.
  • Green hydrogen is produced by splitting water through the supply of wind turbine power in an electrolysis plant.
  • The surplus heat from hydrogen production is expected to provide district heating equivalent to 200 households.
  • The plant can later be expanded when the demand for green hydrogen increases.

For further information please contact: Claus Jacobsen, cja@europeanenergy.dk

“The first Power-to-X plant in Esbjerg supplies green heat to 200 households” was published in Hot Cool, edition no. 5/2022
Member Company Profile EUROPEAN ENERGY
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