Certified online training programme for optimised thermal energy network planning

The THERMOS H2020 project, supported by DBDH as an official THERMOS Ambassador, has developed an online training programme to support better heating and cooling planning. The free webinar based programme starting on 24 September 2019 will train local and regional energy authorities, and other stakeholders managing local energy networks to accelerate a faster upgrade, refurbishment […]

Ambitious large scale geothermal district heating project kicking off in Szeged, Hungary

With funding of the European Union, the city of Szeged in Hungary is kicking of the development of an ambitious and large-scale geothermal district heating project aimed at cutting back on use of gas and CO2 emissions. With the investment of HUF 22 billion (around EUR 67m), with the help of the EU, a geothermal […]

District Energy Accelerator Seminar at DBDH

Delegation visit from China China has decided to stop the support scheme of biomass to electricity production. Therefore, the biomass utilities are looking for solutions and experiences on distribution of district heating. The delegation has had several visits in Denmark, and at DBDH in Copenhagen, Lars Hummelmose gave a presentation of the historic and future development […]

We need to rethink the way we heat ourselves. Here’s why

Half of our total energy consumption globally is used for the production of heat – for our homes, industrial purposes other applications. Most of this heat comes from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, and is responsible for a significant proportion of world pollution. However, to-date we have seen very little progress across […]

Final phase launched of drilling the world’s deepest geothermal heat wells in Otaniemi, Finland

In a release today, Finnish energy company St1 announces that the final drilling phase of this unique geothermal heat pilot project is about to begin in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland. The first 6.4 kilometre-deep geothermal heat well was completed last year, and the second well to a depth of 3.3 kilometres awaiting the results of water […]