Vestforbraending – Denmark’s largest waste management and energy company

Vestforbraending lit its chimney for the first time in 1970 and in the 49 years since, we have grown into Denmark’s largest waste management and energy company. Our primary focus is to harvest the substantial resource value in waste, whether it be for recycling or as fuel for energy production. Environmental commitment Our environmental commitment […]

Denmark to lead global climate summit

The UN General-Secretary asked Denmark to take a leading role ahead of the climate summit in New York September 23, 2019. Denmark has specifically been asked to lead the effort towards a global transition to sustainable energy. Especially investments in clean energy sources in economically emerging countries and developing countries will be focus points. It […]

isoplus Piping Systems appoints new CCO

As on 11th March 2019, isoplus strengthens its management by appointing CCO Claus Jarlgaard Jensen. Claus Jarlgaard Jensen will thus become a member of the isoplus executive board together with CEO Bo Olsen. As CCO, Claus Jarlgaard Jensen will assume responsibility for the areas Finance, Storage, Purchase, IT and the following export countries, United Kingdom, North […]

District energy: a secret weapon for climate action and human health

If you’re sweltering in Delhi or shivering in Detroit and want affordable, environmentally friendly cooling or heating, district energy may be your best bet. A district energy system is a network of pipes that heat and cool buildings across a neighbourhood or entire city. Modern district energy systems connect renewables, waste heat, thermal storage, power […]

From lava to ammonia heat pumps: An Icelandic district heating saga

A 10 MW ammonia heat pump system will now be used for Vestmannaeyjar’s district heating system, which has been running on lava and electric boilers. Iceland’s Vestmannaeyjar once had “one of the weirdest district heating systems ever designed” – it ran on lava from a volcano, Ragnar Ásmundsson from Varmalausnir – Heat RD tells Accelerate […]