How can excess heat from data centers be best utilized in district heating?

Researchers from DTU have answered five questions about how the experience can contribute to the EU’s desire for data centers to be connected to the surrounding district heating network to […]

Comment: Denmark is in a bubble | Everyone will lose if we reduce waste capacity in Denmark!

The energy crisis has put district heating very high on the agenda in Denmark – primarily prompted by the war in Ukraine. District heating has become synonymous with the security […]

Two new directors at the forefront of the district heating sector in the capital region by 2023

Two new CEOs will be at the wheel preparing the future climate crisis solutions in the two large district heating companies in the capital region of Copenhagen.   VEKS has […]

Andel and Nature Energy invest 100 million DKK in a Power-to-X plant in southern Jutland.

A joint investment of around DKK 100 million in a Power-to-X plant will boost the production of Danish biogas at Nature Energy’s biogas plant in Glansager on Als. Together with […]

Surplus heat from plastic packaging producer goes to the district heating network.

From next year, up to 700 households in Varde, western Jutland, can warm themselves with surplus heat from SKY-LIGHT, which produces plastic packaging and sends the surplus heat to DIN […]