Gudenådalens Energiselskab A.m.b.a.

"Our vision is to produce cheap and fossil-free heat for our members and consumers."

Bjerringbro Varmeværk is a private consumer-owned cooperative founded on 2 April 1959 and put into operation in October 1959.
The heating plant was then an oil-fired district heating plant for the first several years. It started with 195 consumers. Today there are 2997 consumers connected to the district heating plant, incl. Grundfos A/S.

In recent years, we have focused on working towards these goals.

  • In 2020, we commissioned large green projects that significantly changed the fuel composition and thereby reduced CO2 consumption for heat production.
  • We have realized an Energy Center in collaboration with Grundfos, which utilizes the surplus heat from the factory and, at the same time, produces cooling.
  • A transmission line between Bjerringbro and Ulstrup so we can transport the energy from the green production facilities to Ulstrup.
  • A heat pump central that utilizes the heat in the air and converts it into district heating.
  • A unique wastewater central that utilizes the heat from the purified wastewater and, at the same time, stores heat in ATES warehouses in the summer - for use when the cold comes.

Areas of expertise

District heating


Gudenådalens Energiselskab A.m.b.a.
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Contact person

Charles Winther Hansen, GUES

Charles Winther Hansen
Managing director

Telefon : 8668 1422