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EBO Consult is an independent administration company specializing in managing district heating companies.

We help district heating companies with:

  • Financial tasks – we help district heating companies with 100% control of its finances
  • Administrative tasks – we can make everyday life easier by helping with administrative tasks
  • Communication tasks – we help with marketing and customer service
  • Project tasks – we can run different district heating projects
  • Operational tasks – we can help with the operation of district heating

Who are we?

We are a team of passionate experts who share a vision to make energy provision local, efficient, and sustainable.

  • We think big but we work locally - We challenge the status quo and are constantly looking for new solutions that can be renovated and implemented in local district heating companies and energy communities.
  • We take sustainability seriously - We want to make an effort to look after the earth and reduce climate change. That is why we are working to create a sustainable energy supply that is affordable to everyone.
  • We are an independent company that is always looking for the cheapest and most efficient solution - Energy is what we all need, regardless of income. That is why we are working to ensure that energy is efficient and affordable for everyone – including sustainable solutions.
  • We work towards the energy supply remaining on local hands - We work towards the energy supply remaining on local hands to benefit the local community.

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District heating


Arnold Nielsens Boulevard 60, 1.
2650 Hvidovre
Tel: 36 38 38 00

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Rie Christiansen Krabsen
Tel: 3638 3813