What is EBO Consult?

EBO Consult is an independent administration company specialising in managing district heating companies. Today, we have several district heating cooperatives in total or part administration. We take care of the economy, the operation and maintenance, customer service, energy savings, the expansion of district heating and we function as a secretariat for the district heating company.

  • Our focus is to secure cheap, sustainable and professional solutions in the management and operation of district heating, while achieving a high level of security of supply and customer satisfaction in favour of the district heating company.
  • Our key word is personal advice. It means that we want to collaborate closely with a positive and inspiring dialogue in the every-day, where EBO Consult act as an adviser and the district heating company act as the decision-maker.

Our values:

Trust and respect: We respect the customers in our relationship and we do it in a way where customers also have respect for us.

Transparency: We work openly and with an open dialogue in our relationship with our customers and internally in the organization. Transparency enables a clear and understandable communication which simultaneously empowers effective and determined decisions.

Independence: We work with no special interests and we put an emphasis on neutral and objective decisions.

Evident performance: We work for effective and cheap district heating with a focus on customer centricity. It pushes the way we participate in decision making processes and the way we perform our job. Our appearance and the way we communicate enhance the impression of an open and sincere organization which enables effective and determined decisions.

Sustainability: We work to achieve a physical and a social sustainability. The physical sustainability follows that the development of society changes in a sustainable way, e.g. by using renewable energy and improving the energy efficiency of our resources.

 Our services:

Economic service: billing, secure budget planning and safeguards, preparation of annual reports for audits, etc.

Operation and maintenance: qualified inspections with maintenance of installations, suggestions for changes and/or improvements in the operation, reading and monitoring of the district heating meters (e.g. in the event of remote monitoring), CTS-surveillance, etc.

Secretariat service: participation in and possibility of conducting shareholders meetings, general and specific legal advice with regard to the running of the plant (legal audit), status reports of ongoing or future constructions, installations, projects, energy reports, e.g. the handling of CO2 quotas, etc.

Customer service: marketing activities, communication to end-users, e-mail and phone service, etc.

District heating projects: managing expansion of district heating projects, development of contractor agreements, development of attractive district heating package deals to the consumers, etc.

Read more about EBO Consult here

Video about the administration of EBO Consult: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkawGqWQ_YA

Watch more videos here: http://www.ebo.dk/index.php/en/downloads/video-eng


Line of business:

Management of district heating companies

Countries of interest:

All countries

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