Germany is raising the level of emergency preparedness in the gas supply.

Date: 24/06/2022

Germany is raising the level of emergency preparedness in the gas supply. Denmark's situation is unchanged.

Germany has risen to emergency level 2 - the so-called "Alert" level. On Monday, 20 June, Denmark declared "Early warning," the lower level of preparedness 1.

Gas is still coming from Germany

"Germany's message does not change Denmark's situation. Gas is still coming to Denmark from Germany, and gas is being filled in the warehouses. It is summer, so the gas consumption is lower, and we produce biogas, which covers a large part of the current consumption. But we follow the situation closely and keep an eye on whether there are further changes in the supply situation ", says Deputy Director Martin Hansen from the Danish Energy Agency.

"Early warning"

Denmark's announcement of "Early warning" occurred due to uncertainty about gas deliveries from Russia after Gazprom last week - without notice - reduced gas deliveries via Nord Stream 1 by only 40 percent. And then 60 percent.

It has previously been announced that Nord Stream 1 will close entirely from 11 July to 21 July in connection with a major renovation. Nord Stream 1 is continuously maintained to ensure gas flow through the pipeline to Europe. The repairs typically take place in the summer, when consumption is lowest.


"Alert" is alert level 2 out of 3. It is declared when a gas supply interruption or an unusually high gas demand occurs, which results in a significantly deteriorated gas supply situation. However, the market can still handle this interruption or demand without applying non-market-based measures.

From The Danish Energy Agency | 23.6.2022