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District heating for 1300 households more from Denmark’s first PtX agreement

by Linda Bertelsen

TVIS and Everfuel, partners in the Triangle (Fredericia, Kolding, Vejle) area’s PtX collaboration, Triangle Energy Alliance, are still part of a heating agreement from Europe’s largest electrolysis plant in Fredericia. Everfuel invests in a 4.5 MW heat pump, which will cool the hydrogen production support processes and produce large quantities of surplus heat that TVIS can utilize in the district heating network.


In December last year, we entered into Denmark’s first agreement on surplus heat from hydrogen and PtX technology here in Fredericia, and now we increase the amount of heat to about three times as much. It gives us both valuable experience about the heat potential of PtX technology. 
Still, it also streamlines the hydrogen plant’s operating time and utilizes valuable amounts of energy, which is available and would otherwise disappear into thin air. We write history in TVIS and the entire district heating world by utilizing surplus heat from hydrogen production. This helps to ensure an even more stable district heating system in the short and long term, says Lars Schmidt, Chairman of the Board of TVIS.

TVIS is establishing a 1.2-kilometer transmission line to Everfuel’s 20 MW electrolysis plant, which will be ready for production in late 2022 and is part of the HySynergy project with local partners. TVIS and Everfuel agreed in December last year to purchase heat from eight electrolysis units that can supply heat up to 80 degrees, and the amount for TVIS corresponds to the consumption of 5-600 households per year.

The new agreement increases the reduction about three times as the amount of heat corresponds to the annual consumption of approximately 1300 households.

-The utilization of surplus heat is essential to our technological development and understanding of the potential of utilizing local heat transmission as a cooling resource for our processes. With our latest agreement with TVIS for even more surplus heat utilization, the site’s efficiency becomes of the highest standard, with a construction efficiency of about 87%. It demonstrates the necessary sectoral coupling the PtX industry needs. It gives us valuable experience ahead of Phase II, which consists of an expansion of the electrolysis plant to 300 MW in 2025, says CEO Jacob Krogsgaard from Everfuel.

The profit of one is the resource of the other.

With the new agreement, TVIS supports the continued delivery of environmentally friendly, cheap, and stable surplus heat for the district heating network for nine district heating companies in four municipalities. And Everfuel is assured stable and economical disposal of surplus heat from the heat pump, where the alternative is to cool the heat without taking advantage of it.

The heat pump acts as a cooling mechanism for all “outside equipment” and helps ensure the so-called “plant balance.” The heat pump delivers cooling water (down to 25 degrees cold) to the two main compressors, the four rectifiers, the two deoxo-units, the oxygen cooler, and the scrubber. We purchased the heat pump system from our project partner AEA, which is also a part of the HySynergy collaboration. 

The heat pump’s cooling is, therefore, most critical for the factory’s operation, says Jacob Krogsgaard.
The heat pump uses the energy from the heated cooling water to heat TVIS’ district heating return water from 40 to 80 degrees. It thus contributes 4.5 MW of heating power distributed over three compressor units.

-When we have finished building our new transmission line along Ydre Skovvej, the heat will circulate to about 60,000 households, multi-story buildings, institutions, and businesses. And there are many more on the way. Therefore, it is vital with agreements like this with Everfuel because TVIS’s four owner municipalities, including Fredericia, experience high settlement growth and business development and have ambitious strategies for phasing out gas and oil. 

District heating has one key role and sectoral coupling like this shows the direction toward the energy system of the future, where one’s profits become the other’s resource, says John Nyborg, deputy chairman of TVIS and city councilor in Fredericia.

Press release, June 27, 2022