by Linda Bertelsen
Medlemsmødet i Assens - december 2023

December 6, we gathered at BROEN Valve Technologies in Assens for our exciting semi-annual members meeting! The morning included insightful tours of both Broen production and Assens District Heating.

The program for the meeting

First, Broen’s Sales Director, Frank Nielsen, EBA, warmly welcomed us. The first theme on the agenda was “Heat Storage – the key to more electricity in the system.” Geoffroy Gauthier from PlanEnergi shared their experiences and economic perspectives on different types of heat storage.

Following that, Astrid Birnbaum from Høje Taastrup District Heating provided insight into the benefits of steam heat storage with multiple charges and discharges. Later, Lars Skytte Jørgensen and Jonas I. Sørensen from Aalborg CSP A/S shared exciting information about the new thermal storage system at Norbis Park, storing green power in molten salt!

Coffee break celebrating the new dbdh.dk

After an engaging debate on the best heat storage solution and its applications, we enjoyed a coffee break with cake, celebrating DBDH’s new website! ☕🍰

District Heating in the UK, how is it going?

After the break, the second theme, “District Heating in the UK, how is it going?” was discussed. First, John Tang Jensen presented the regulation of district heating in the UK. Mushe Norestani from our new member Hemiko shared the plans for district heating development in the UK.

Following that, our entire mentor group for the UK took the stage to provide insights into DBDH’s UK Mentor Program activities. The group comprises Morten Jordt Duedahl, DBDH, Elsebeth Arendt, Kredsløb, and Alex Rayner, Nottingham City Council.

🍻 Finally, we enjoyed a beer while Per Johansson from Broen asked, “Why invest in Denmark?” This was followed by ‘pitch minutes’ from our two new members, Heliac and JPH Energi A/S Consulting Engineering Firm, introducing themselves.

Thank you for a great and inspiring day

DBDH would like to thank Broen for the great hospitality during the members’ meeting and the site visit to the production. We would also like to congratulate Assens Fjernvarme for the exciting site visit, where Marc Roar Hintze showcased the premises and told the story about Assens Fjernvarme and how they are coping with the fast expansion of their district heating network.

Lastly, we thank all presenters and participants for their extraordinary presentations and inspiring discussions.

All participants will have the presentations from the meeting sent by e-mail.