by Linda Bertelsen

Aquatherm provides world-class district heating piping systems in polypropylene.

With Aquatherm district heating piping systems, you get a pre-insulated pipe system for underground installation, ideally suited to transport heating and cooling water safely and efficiently over long distances.

3-layer PP-R fiber composite pipes

Three-layer PP–R fiber composite pipes are used as carrier pipes, ideal for underground installation due to their low linear expansion, enabling piping layouts with no expansion loops.
Aquatherm is the world’s leading manufacturer of piping systems made of polypropylene with sales offices and partners in 64 markets and an annual production of 38 million meters of piping and 40 million fittings.

Areas of expertise

  • Preinsulated pipes
  • District heating
  • Energy efficiency
  • 3-layer PP–R fiber composite pipes
  • Sustainability
  • Countries of interest: All


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