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World’s largest DH company from China visits DBDH to sign new co-operation agreement

by Steffen

The world’s largest district heating company, Beijing District Heating Group (BDHG), visited DBDH at Frederiksberg Utility Monday the 24th November as part of a longer trip to Denmark to learn about the Danish experience with DH. DBDH and BDHG have signed a co-operation agreement and this tour will follow up on a new agreement that will include:

  • Regularly interworking/exchange heating and new energy related polices institutional laws and regulations.
  • Strengthen exchanges and cooperation between technical staffs; establish regular technical forum; organize mutual visits and study tours.
  • Within the cooperation area, identify demo project and jointly develop sustainable solutions; establish high efficient and economic demo project within smart heating and new energy utilization, and to do application and promotion to ensure that a good socially beneficial result could be reached from the bilateral cooperation

The visit began with an introduction of DH in Denmark by Lars Hummelmose, Managing Director of DBDH. The presentation regarded the Danish development with DH that began with heavy investments in the national heating system in the 1970s. Hummelmose also put emphasis on the results of these investments, in which a stable energy consumption is evident since its investments 40 years ago. Hummelmose emphasised three reasons that have together allowed for the stable energy consumption: reduction of energy consumption, conversion into CHP and the expansion of renewable energies in the energy mix.

Jan Elleriis, Vice-Director of CTR, presented the workings of a transmission company, thereby continuing Hummelmose’s presentation through a more in depth explanation of the transmission system, proprietorship, subvention and promotion of DH in practice. The Chinese delegation took particular notice of the Danish indirect transmission system where heat loss in the exchanger stations is balanced with benefits in the case of leakages.

Kristian Beyer, head of Business Development at Frederiksberg Utility, which supplies DH to a large area of Copenhagen, presented the workings of a utility and the relationship between utility and end consumers. Beyer also described the recent development with district cooling. District cooling is relatively new but has already provided a positive outlook for further expansion.

Finally, the day ended with a tour around the Frederiksberg utility. Egon Erlandsen, former head of operation and construction in Frederiksberg Utility, toured the utility first at the control room of CTR and Frederiksberg Utility that manages DH in the greater Copenhagen. The delegations also saw the heat exchanger at Frederiksberg Utility, as well as the peak load boilers that can almost supply the entire district in case of production shutdowns or high heating demands. Lastly, the delegation was introduced to the three compressors that supply district cooling to a shopping mall and in the future will supply district cooling to the new Carlsberg City.


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