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Webinar about super-efficient Heat Pumps in Ringsted

by Linda Bertelsen

Heat Pumps using every drop of energy – even surplus heat from other HPs!

Ringsted DHC has redesigned its heat generation plant to limit fossil fuel use, reduce resulting carbon emissions and improve efficiency while minimizing heat price. This comprehensive heat plant redesign focuses on electric heat pump solutions and includes three Geoclima water-to-water units, supplied by Unicool and Danfoss Turbocor compressors providing the ‘heat balance’. This webinar will cover the overall heat plant design details, heat pump system operation, and the associated benefits.

Unfortunately, we do not have the recording anymore, but you can watch the video about Ringsted DHC and download the presentations below.

Publication date: March 2, 2021


  1. Ringsted DHC
  2. Danfoss
  3. Geoclima

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