by Linda Bertelsen

We are committed to the philosophy that we all play an important role in reducing energy consumption and developing a society that counter-fights CO₂ emissions and reduces the impact on our environment.

In every society, pipe networks are vital parts of the infrastructure. The pipe systems connect energy production, transmission, distribution, and consumers – all the way. LOGSTOR pipe solutions are an excellent opportunity to create the most efficient energy solutions.

Smart and sustainable district heating pipe systems equal the lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Energy-efficient pipe systems with the very best insulation properties will ensure that only a minimum of produced energy goes to waste when transported over long distances. The efficiency of your system must last all through its expected lifetime; hence LOGSTOR offers a state-of-the-art solution with an integrated diffusion barrier system to:

  1. Prevent ageing of insulation properties
  2. Increase energy efficiency through reduced heat loss
  3. Ensure stable operating costs

We always guide you to the best solutions with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

We invented the pre-insulated pipe, the flexible pipe, unique joints, and fittings. We were the first company to introduce environmentally friendly products to manufacture the best insulation material. SUSTAINABILITY is in our DNA.

As a recent step in this sustainable journey, we can now offer our customers pre-insulated pipes with casing produced from external recycled material, which naturally is of the same quality and has the same expected lifetime as our existing pre-insulated pipes.

Should you be interested in the above and simultaneously wish to strengthen your position as a responsible green company, contact our Product & Academy Manager, Peter Jorsal.

Optimized solutions

You can trust us with your projects. More than 50 years of research, exploration, and development in close dialogue with our customers have made LOGSTOR the leading manufacturer of pre-insulated pipe systems for any media – second to none – setting higher standards year after year. We have channeled this experience to optimize your system design in all aspects. Optimal design means less excavation and a reduction of the total investment.

LOGSTOR takes care of service in all stages of your project:

1. Technical support during design, installation, and operation
2. Online support, documentation, and calculation tools
3. On-site instructions
4. Certified courses for engineers, fitters, and supervisors by LOGSTOR Academy

With our market position, excellent products, and strong results, LOGSTOR is your right choice for a sustainable, energy-efficient, and innovative future. We are ADDING VALUE to your business!

Value through quality

Based on many years of experience, we are proud that safety, quality, and flawless deliveries are a matter of course at LOGSTOR. We have the experience and competence to solve the challenges in any project and the resources to deliver, thereby having the most positive impact on your Total Cost of Ownership.

We offer a flexible, tailored service package to meet your specific business goals, timeframes, and budget. We are committed to guiding you to the right choice of pre-insulated pipe system based on experience and not feelings. Our ultimate goal is, therefore, to be a better partner for our customers.

For further information, please contact: Peter Jorsal, pjo@logstor.com

“We are your obvious choice” was published in Hot Cool, edition no. 2/2021. Download and print the article here:
Logstor Member Company Profile, HC no. 2, 2021