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We are excited to welcome Heliac to the DBDH family.

by Linda Bertelsen

Heliac is at the forefront of renewable heat solutions by offering solar collectors and thermal energy storage.

Their expertise lies in renewable energy technologies that cater to energy-intensive industries. These technologies play a crucial role in transitioning to clean energy both through the security of supply and by balancing supply and demand.

Since its inception in 2014, Heliac has grown to a team of 40 professionals based in Nivå, Denmark, and focuses on manufacturing and research to drive innovation in renewable energy solutions. With two installed plants supplying heat for district heating, Heliac aims for a CO2-free energy supply that ensures both the decarbonization of industries and reduced energy costs.

Heliac’s addition to DBDH is a key step forward as this partnership aligns with DBDH’s goals of boosting sustainability efforts.

Read more about Heliac and watch the interview with Heliac CEO, Henrik Pranov, here.

For more info, contact Maria de Robles Randow at mrr@heliac.dk