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Waste use rises in Swedish district heating

by dbdh

Phase out of fossil fuels continues, according to latest feedstock statistics

The amount of waste processed in Swedish district heating systems increased 2.5% in 2014, according to the latest figures.

The information from district heating association Svensk Fjärrvärme was published on 24 August and shows waste has a 21.6% share of the market putting it in second place overall.

Biomass, mainly from waste from forestry activities, remains the biggest single feedstock for district heating systems with a 42% market share, roughly level with market share in 2013’.

The use of fossil fuel continued to fall with oil down to 1.5% of the market (2.2% in 2013), natural gas fell to 1.9% (3% in 2013) and coal down to 2.3% (3.1% in 2013).

However, the report clarifies part of the decrease was down to a warm year with low electricity prices, meaning natural gas-fired cogeneration plants were kept offline.

But, Svensk Fjärrvärme statics manager, Sonya Trad, said the phase out of fossil fuels, pushed by taxes aimed at boosting renewables, had remained consistent since the association began monitoring feedstocks in 2010.

Source: Endswasteandbioenergy.com