Waste-to-energy in the UK: Household and business waste to be used at new energy plant to heat homes

Date: 02/12/2013

Rubbish collected from homes and business in Westminster will be used to heat homes in the capital and help keep energy bills down, after a new energy recovery system opened in Bermondsey this morning.

Residual waste collected by Westminster City Council binmen is to be taken to the South East London Combined Heat and Power energy recovery facility in Lewisham (SELCHP), where waste which cannot be recycled will then be burnt.

The heat created by this process will then be used to heat-up water which will be used to provide effective, low-cost and low carbon heating to homes on five housing estates in Rotherhithe through a new district heating system, helping to keep residents’ energy bills down.

One bag of rubbish contains enough energy to heat seven hot showers.

Cllr Ed Argar, Cabinet Member for City Management and Transport said:

“Westminster City Council is very pleased to be taking part in such an innovative scheme.”

“We proactively encourage businesses to handle their waste legally and sustainably as well as supplying information about how residents and businesses can recycle.

“However, our residents and businesses can be assured that even the rubbish from businesses and homes that can’t be recycled is turning into something that benefits people across London.”

36% of SELCHP is powered by waste collected in Westminster.
Source: CHPA