District heating will grow in the Netherlands

Date: 21/04/2017

Eight companies from Denmark participated in a visit to the Netherlands early March. Together with Warmte Netwerk a full 2½ day program was organized.

We visited 5 larger energy companies where we had organized tailormade workshops focusing on the specific challenges and projects happening in each of the 5 companies. The companies were Eneco, HVC, Alliander, Nuon and Enexis. The Danish participants were invited to discuss in depth with the managers of the different departments e.g. heat generation, network and consumer interaction.

Further, a seminar with almost 100 participants was held in Amsterdam. Speakers from both the Netherland and Denmark showcased the latest developments and innovation. One part of the seminar was the “Innovation Catwalk” where both Danish and Dutch companies were invited to “catwalk” their latest developments. 4 minutes were given to each company, a new and very lively way of presenting the companies.