Visit from Latvian district heating company at MOE Vordingborg

Date: 09/05/2017

In December 2016, MOE District Heating participated in a Danish DBDH export promotion to Latvia.

Afterwards, one of the Latvian heating plants SIA “Fortum Jelgava” had, through, DBDH arranged a re-visit – a two-day study trip to Denmark. The focus was to look at heat accumulation tanks in combination with district heating plants and the desire to see something near MOE Vordingborg.

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A tour was organized to Danish Malting Group A/S, where Jacob Sten Petersen from MOE (project manager for the construction of the latest biomass boiler) guided them through the visit. After lunch, they were taken to to Vordingborg Fjernvarme / Kraftvarmeværk at Masnedø, where Carsten Hübbe, also from MOE, was the guide. The tour also took the delegation to the roof of the storage tank overlooking Masnedsund. Carsten has in-depth knowledge of the facilities as former operations manager at Masnedø.


After visiting Vordingborg, the group drove on to Jutland where they visited Frichs A/S.