Vestforbrænding: Electricity and heat from the waste in 2012

Date: 23/01/2013

Vestforbrænding´s employees worked hard over Christmas and New Year and reached  a total production of 1,363,000 MWh energy in 2012.

Throughout 2012 a total of 510,000 tons of waste went through through the ovens at Vestforbrænding – and reemerged as 1,363,000 MWh of electricity and district heating.
Record in the smoke 2012
“We love to beat our own records here at Vestforbrænding”, says operations manager John Olsen. “In 2012, it was our use of the smoke from combustion that set a record. We pulled 83,166 MWh district heating out of the cleaned smoke, which is almost 8% more than the year before. We can extend this part of the heat production because Vestforbrænding is also extending its own district heating networks in these years.”

Results 2012
  • Waste for incineration: 510,000 tonnes
  • Operating hours: 16,132 hours   
  • Total energy production: 1,364,000 MWh
 of which:
  • electricity: 249,000 MWh
  • District Heating: 1,114,000 MWh