Veolia inaugurates Spain’s largest district heating scheme

Date: 09/10/2017

Five years after its development was announced, and after a year of tests, Veolia and Móstoles Ecoenergía have inaugurated the biggest district heating of Spain.

The 12 MW biomass plant and network will provide heating and hot water to 6,500 homes in the town of Móstoles in Madrid.

Last Friday the Mayor of Móstoles, David Lucas Parrón, inaugurated the biomass plant that will supply heating and sanitary hot water to 2,500 Mostolean homes in a first phase, and another 4,000 more houses in the summer of 2018. The commissioning of the heat network, has had an investment of EUR7m which includes the construction of the biomass plant and the network itself consisting of four kilometers of pipelines and 13 exchange substations, corresponding to the 13 communities of neighbours who will receive the service.

The investment, whose second phase will see investment of EUR12m, is financed by the SCEEF Fund and managed by SUMA Capital and Veolia. Investors intend to recover the investment within a maximum period of 15 years.

The biomass heat network has multiple advantages. Savings of more than 15% are possible compared to gas, and in addition there is reduction of emissions amounting to 9,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The plant has three biomass boilers supplied by Uniconfort, two of 5 MW power and a third of 2 MW. It is fed by biomass forest sliver coming from forest debris near Madrid by the Enerbosque company. NOx emissions are limited to 180 mg / Nm3 when the maximum allowed is 300 mg / Nm3.

The operation and maintenance of the heat network will be carried out by Veolia, which has an energy management center (hubgrade), where it will carry out the telematic control of the facilities. This innovative energy management solution enables remote operation on the premises and in real time.

Source: Decentralised Energy