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by Linda Bertelsen
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VEKS, Vestegnens Kraftvarmeselskab I/S, is a transmission company supplying 20 local district heating companies with heat generated at Vestegnen, a suburban area west of Copenhagen.

The local district heating companies manage the further distribution to private consumers, business customers, and institutions. The heat supplied equals the consumption of 150,000 families.

VEKS was founded in 1984. The company’s primary mission is to utilize heat from the CHP plants, surplus heat from waste incineration, major industrial enterprises, etc. The environment, as well as the socioeconomy, have benefited from this strategy.

Consumption of fuel has been reduced to 1/3 after the establishment of VEKS compared with the heat that had to be generated in oil-fired boilers at the local district heating companies. CO2, sulphur, and nitrogen emissions have also been reduced considerably.

104 twin pipes have been laid, with seven pumping stations and 44 exchange stations transmitting heat to the local district heating systems. VEKS is currently establishing 28 km of further transmission pipes.

Most heat is supplied to VEKS from the Avedøre Power Plant, the other CHP plants in Copenhagen, and the waste incineration plants KARA/NOVEREN and Vestforbrænding. VEKS’ heat sale is approximately 8,000 TJ per year.

In recent years, VEKS has expanded the district heating supply – among other places in Køge. The company also owns and runs the Køge CHP plant. In other words, VEKS has grown its business area from strictly a transmission company to also including production and distribution activities.

VEKS is a joint municipal partnership that is run as a nonprofit company. VEKS had 63 employees – divided between the main office at Roskildevej in Albertslund and the Køge CHP plant. Twelve municipalities at Vestegnen with 430,000 inhabitants are jointly and separately liable to VEKS.


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Managing Director
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Senior Consultant
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