USA interested in Danish biomass plant

Date: 13/11/2015

Engineer Jens Dall Bentzen’s biomass plant has aroused interest in the United States. Already now, one of Dall Energy’s biomass plant is working in the United States and more are coming.

“The plant at the company Warwick Mills has become known in all New England.Jeg was over there last week and make a presentation at a conference, so we have some leads over there”, says Jens Dall Bentzen.

The plant at Warvick Mills has been running since June 2014.

“The project has a funny story. In 2010, I published results from the pilot plant we had built with support from the EUDP. The owner of the company Warwick Mills wanted to have a biomass plant that had low emissions. This was necessary due to stringent legislative requirements of the State of New Hampshire. He found the Dall Energy website through Google search, and shortly thereafter we had made a contract for the export of a plant to the United States”, says Jens Dall Bentzen.

Also at home things go well for Dall Energy and Jens Dall Bentzen. In June, Sønderborg District Heating inaugurated its new biomass plant.

“We have dialogue with many Danish customers. The great interest is mainly due to the fact that our technology can use alternative cheap fuels, for example garden-park waste, but customers also place great emphasis on the system running stable at very low load. We expect at least 3 contracts in Denmark over the next six months”, says Jens Dall Bentzen.