by Linda Bertelsen
Haderslev Fjernvarme

Haderslev District Heating is a democratically owned limited company where the customers have a direct influence as shareholders. Its mission is non-profit, and the main objective is to secure stable and affordable heating for as many as possible.

Published in Hot Cool, edition no. 3/2024 | ISSN 0904 9681 |

The district heating in Haderslev was set free in 2021 after being cut off from an expansion of the supply area for 33 years. Thirty-three years of delineation between district heating and natural gas areas were politically replaced by free access to the deployment of district heating in those parts of the natural gas areas where a positive societal economy can be demonstrated.

The Growth of Haderslev District Heating

In Haderslev, there were 13 sub-areas with approximately 3,500 homes that could potentially switch to district heating, and in all 13 areas, there was a positive societal economy with a 60% connection rate. The expansion of Haderslev District Heating’s supply area was therefore initiated in the summer of 2021. As of March 1, 2024, 3,060 homeowners have signed agreements for district heating supply, of which 87.4% have accepted district heating, meaning a connection rate of 87,4%! The success in attracting new customers is due partly to a good offer of inexpensive connection to the network, with 90% of homeowners opting for the offered subscription scheme for the connection and equipment needed, while 10% have chosen to invest in the heat interface unit themselves.

A Successful Strategy for New Connections

New customers mean increased demand for heat production, and here, Haderslev District Heating looks into a future where biomass, in the form of wood chips, is supplemented by both a 10.5 MW air-to-water heat pump system and two electric boilers of 8 and 15 MW, respectively. As reserve and peak load, natural gas will continue to play a role, but it will also be a transitional solution as efforts are being made to secure agreements on surplus heat from nearby companies.

Towards a Sustainable Future

We see our future as positive, exciting, and challenging as district heating has become ” hot again.” The district heating industry is an important player in the fight against climate change and is also seen as a commitment to society.

The Six Pillars of Haderslev’s Strategy

Our strategy is based on the vision to invest our energy in future-proofing the end-user’s heat and achieving the green transition. Our slogan is “Haderslev District Heating – Together for your heat and our climate.”

The foundation for the vision is our six vision beacons:

  1. Establishing a closer dialogue with our shareholders.
  2. Maintaining a stable and competitive heat supply.
  3. Strengthening and developing the organization.
  4. Focusing on sustainability, climate, and the environment.
  5. Seeking to establish partnerships, networks, and collaborations.
  6. We will optimize the use of data.
The Member Company profile for Haderslev Fjernvarme “Unlocking Haderslev’s Heat Grid” was published in Hot Cool, edition no. 3/2024. You can download the article here:
Unlocking Haderslev's Heat Grid, Member Company Profile, Hot Cool no. 3, 2024