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Ukrainian CHP plant to be powered by agricultural waste

by dbdh

The Ukrteplo Group intends to build a combined heat and power plant with a capacity of 12 MW in the Odessa region. The plant will consume agricultural waste.

The group, operator of the largest network of biofuel boilers in the Ukraine, is also planning to build a bio-ethanol plant.
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Head of Odessa Regional Administration Maskym Stepanov stated that the CHP plant will be ready by autumn 2018, and operational by 2021. Total investment in the project will be UAH 2.5 billion.

Interfax Ukraine reports that the plants will be located on the basis of Zaplazky sugar refinery in the Liubashivka district of Odessa. The investor also plans to launch production of essential oils there.

Ukrteplo was founded in 2011. Its network includes 110 facilities in 14 regions with a total capacity of 158 MW. The portfolio of the group’s projects includes biofuel CHP, small hydroelectric power plants and biogas plants.

Source: Decentralised Energy