Ukraine: Upgrading energy-efficient district heating systems

Date: 09/10/2019

The EU-financed Horizon 2020 projects UgradeDH and KeepWarm have made upgrading inefficient district heating systems easier. New handbooks and training courses have been produced that will help the operators of existing district heating systems to understand the opportunities of improved energy efficiency and transitioning to sustainable energy systems.

The KeepWarm project has trained over 500 district heating operators in Austria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Ukraine. KeepWarm maintains a learning centre that offers free material on business models and funding, thermal planning tools, policy recommendations and case studies of best practices in district heating. The UpgradeDH project has published a handbook that outlines opportunities for energy-efficient upgrading of district heating systems.

Heating and hot water account for 79% of EU households’ final energy use, therefore action to upgrade old and inefficient district heating systems will make a significant contribution to Europe’s climate and energy goals.

Source: EU Neighbours eu