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UK government confirms energy efficiency investment

by dbdh

The UK’s department of energy and climate change has released its departmental five year plan and it includes detail on spending allocated to energy efficiency initiatives.

With the public sector a major energy consumer, spending around £4 billion a year, the government is investing a further £295 million in energy efficiency over five years to help cut costs and emissions.

It also reiterates a renewed focus on tackling emissions from heat, which energy and climate change secretary Amber Rudd has sought to prioritise in recent months.

Specifically, it reveals new plans to better integrate heat and energy efficiency policies. “We… intend to bring together heat with energy efficiency in buildings, to reduce carbon through a combination of demand reduction and efficient generation,” the document states.

“In the short term we are looking at the performance of boilers and conventional heating systems. We will continue to develop a long-term strategy to drive low carbon and renewable heat through a stable, coherent and affordable framework.”

Source: COSPP