UK government calls for district heating investment

Date: 12/11/2015

Developing potential pipeline heating projects will need €2.8bn in capital investment over the next decade

Biomass and energy-from-waste heating projects could be set for a share of £2bn (€2.8bn) of investment as the UK looks to boost its district heating network.

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) released a report last week, aimed at kick-starting the country’s renewable heating infrastructure.

Industry investors had previously called for the report to give them a better understanding of the scale of district heating projects ready to go, according to DECC.

The report presents a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from an investment value of £3m (€4.2m) to £4m (€5.6m) in the small-scale sector to more than £40m (€56m) in the larger-scale sector.

Local authority led projects dominate potential investments, according to the report, with long-term contracts for heating offices, leisure centres, schools and social housing on offer.

Although the future choice of feedstock for the heating system depends on the individual project, in Scandinavia there has been vast investment in waste and biomass-fired heat.

In Sweden district heating is dominated by the use of biomass, which has a 42% share of the market, followed by waste on 21.6%, according to figures released in August this year.