UK: district heating could improve consumers’ access to renewable energy

Date: 13/08/2014

A new study from Government released August 11 showcases the opportunity for more householders to benefit from cost effective renewable heat.

The study, which details the opportunity for installing water source heat pumps in 40 urban rivers, could be used to provide more householders with renewable heat as part of a community district heating project.

Where heat networks are an appropriate solution such as those cities highlighted by the DECC map, taxpayers could save up to £2.1m in reduced RHI payments for every 1,000 homes connected and heated by water source-heat pumps (in comparison to individual renewable alternatives).

CHPA Director, Tim Rotheray said: “Today’s publication is a key piece of the renewable heat puzzle, with this map many more householders could benefit from unconventional sources of renewable heat supplied to them through a heat network. This makes it a cost effective way to help consumers manage their bills while also reducing emissions.”

Source: CHPA