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Two-day study tour with “flying” workshops in the SET_HEAT project

by Linda Bertelsen
SET_HEAT visit to Denmark on study tour

DBDH is excited to share the latest progress in the SET_HEAT project, which recently featured a two-day tour of Denmark. These tours are essential for gathering practical knowledge and stakeholder experiences to support investment plans to decarbonise district heating systems.

From May 22nd to 23rd, 2024, twenty representatives from consortium members in Poland, Croatia, Romania, and Lithuania visited various sites in the Copenhagen area to observe best practices in district heating network optimization, lowering network temperatures, and integrating low-temperature renewable and waste heat sources.

Highlights of the study tour included:

    • Køge CHP Plant: Learning about using surplus heat at CP Kelco.

    • VEKS Headquarters: A seminar with Niels Hansen and representatives from Albertslund Fjernvarme on reducing water temperatures in district heating.

    • Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme: Observing the transition from gas to RES-based district heating using long-term heat storage, heat from multiple sources, and heat pumps.

    • ARGO, Roskilde CHP Plant (Energy Tower): Insights from Niels Kallehauge on converting non-reusable or non-recyclable waste into heat and electricity.

    • HOFOR Headquarters: A presentation by Nick Bjørn Andersen on best practices in district heating, focusing on security, resiliency, and flexibility for energy input options.

    • Aalborg University: A seminar with Lars Gullev (VEKS) on future customer expectations for district heating companies and Jacob Engvang (Frederiksberg Forsyning A/S) sharing real-world cases from district heating planning.

These visits provided invaluable insights into energy transition and decarbonization practices in large district heating systems, significantly enhancing knowledge transfer within the SET_HEAT project consortium.

Read more and watch videos about these innovative practices:

Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme

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