Tianjin delegation visits DBDH

Date: 02/10/2015

A high-level Chinese delegation from the Tianjin Energy Group visited DBDH on September 14th. Danfoss arranged the 9-day visit program covering both Denmark and Iceland. Mr. Wang Yong, Deputy General Manager at Tianjin Energy Group, was the head of the delegation. DBDH Focus Group China had paid a visit to the Tianjin Energy Group in April earlier this year and was actually received by Mr. Wang Yong on the occasion.

The municipality of Tianjin is the economic center of the North China and Bohai Rim. It has a total population of 14.72 million people and is extended over 11.946 km2. Tianjin has a heating area of 365 million m2, where district heating covers more than 90% of the heating demand.

The purpose of this visit was twofold: learn more about district heating solutions in Denmark and to be introduced to the relatively new Danish experience with district cooling.

Tianjin has a heating planning for the period of 2015-2020 and intends to use the inspiration acquired in Denmark as a way to achieve its goals in due time. The first part of the heating planning consists of increasing the district heating proportion in the whole city from 90,5% to 96,1%. Part 2 of the plan will be to meet the heating need and optimize the heating source construction by scaling-up three areas: a) combined heat and power (CHP) from 30% to 50%; b) renewable energy source from 4% to more than 10%; and c) fuel gas heating from 14% to more than 18%. Heating from coal-fired boiler will be decreased from 52% to less than 20% within the next five years. The third and final part of the plan will involve decreasing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency.

The delegation was welcomed at DBDH and received presentations starting with Lars Hummelmose, Managing Director at DBDH, who focused on the district heating scenario in Denmark. He was followed by a presentation given by Vice Director at CTR, Jan Elleriis, and Kristian E. Beyer, Head of Business Development at Frederiksberg Utility. Ernst Kristensen, Owner of Hydro-X A/S, was also present at the meeting. Members of the Chinese delegation expressed great interest in getting to know more about Danish district heating solutions and how they could be put to use in Tianjin.

The visit continued with a tour around the facilities to CTR’s control room, peak load boiler, heat exchanger (CTR to Frederiksberg Utility) and district cooling production to Frederiksberg Shopping Mall.

Over lunch there was as an extented opportunity for the Chinese delegation and its host companies to discuss ideas and lessons learned throug this visit.