There is an extraordinarily large discount of DKK 22,000 for homeowners who choose to have the district heating connected

Date: 08/02/2021

In connection with the government's climate agreement, Frederikshavn Varme will work to spread the district heating to Kilden.

In order to promote the green transition, the government wants, among other things, to phase out oil and gas boilers, and pools have been introduced that allow for subsidies for individual heat pumps.

If you keep the district heating and the heat pump against each other on the sustainability parameter, they do just as well. However, it is important to take into account that with a heat pump in the home there will be both greater and more costs and far more maintenance.

If the homeowners choose to be connected to the district heating, they will have minimal maintenance of the system, and they will be connected to a common pipe network, which means fewer running costs. In addition, the system does not require much space unlike the heat pump.

With the heat pump, there may be noise nuisance from the fans that are often placed outdoors. These noise nuisances will not be experienced with district heating. However, it is also worth taking into consideration that the heat pump becomes worn over time and requires replacement.

This will not happen for the district heating source, and in this way district heating is also a safer solution in the long run.

Erik Kyed Trolle, who is chairman of the board of Frederikshavn Varme A / S, believes that district heating will also have good conditions in Kilden. - The calculations the consultants have prepared for the project to spread district heating in Kilden show that the project is sustainable in relation to the green transition. - We will push on with the green transition and make some completely extraordinary initiatives, points out Erik Kyed Trolle and continues: - "Therefore we must act now, and Frederikshavn Varme will in 2021 give a big discount on the connection to the residents of Kilden who selects district heating.

With the connection discount, the chairman hopes to create such great interest in district heating in Kilden that the authority can approve a future project proposal to have Kilden laid out as a district heating area. - When we worked in 2018 to get district heating for Kilden, we met great support and interest in the project among several of the homeowners in the area, and we got 79 out of the necessary 123 registrations, says Erik Kyed Trolle.

The normal price for being connected to the district heating network is DKK 27,500 incl. VAT, and in 2021 the discount for new connections will be DKK 22,000.

It is also possible to obtain an additional discount and craftsman deduction, which is mentioned in the material that Frederikshavn Varme will soon distribute to the landowners in Kilden.

As the project must be processed and approved by the authority, it is important that Frederikshavn Varme receives notifications from the landowners in Kilden no later than 31 March 2021. If the company does not obtain sufficient registrations, the project in Kilden cannot be realized at this time. But the offer does not only apply to the Source area - but to everyone in Frederikshavn Varme's supply area. - We must not discriminate, and therefore the new discount of course also applies to those who live in our existing supply area, explains Erik Kyed Trolle, who also has this appeal to the well over 600 homeowners in Frederikshavn city who still have oil boilers . - We must all make an extra effort to live up to the climate goals - both the national ones, but also the locals, where Frederikshavn is a climate municipality. I therefore hope that you will accept the offer and replace the lighthouse with the much cheaper and environmentally friendly district heating, the chairman concludes.