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The world´s leading solar nation

by dbdh

A new solar plant in Mou, Jutland, is the latest in a series that in a few years has made Denmark is the world´s leading nation in solar district heating, according to national newspaper Nordjyske Tidende.

The number of large-scale solar installations in Denmark has risen to 42, covering a total area of ​​329,000 sqm. Within the next year, this number will almost double, according to the Danish District Heating Association.

The country´s largest plant is currently being built in Dronninglund and this will contribute an additional 35,000 sqm.
The 379 solar panels that make up the plant in Mou have a total area of 4775 sqm.

The plant was put into operation 12 August following a construction period of three months. It is expected to cover 19 percent of the heating needs of the 475 households that are connected to the CHP plant. 

The plant will reduce the plant´s CO2 emissions by 750 tons per year.

Source: Dansk Fjernvarme