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The Story of District Heating in Aarhus and Denmark

by Linda Bertelsen

District heating offers essential solutions to the sustainable transition. This story about district heating in Denmark and the city of Aarhus is relevant to anyone looking for sustainable solutions in heating and other sectors such as power, industry, and hydrogen.

The aim is to inspire other cities to succeed with their sustainable transition. With a history of coal-based heating, Aarhus succeeded with carbon-neutral district heating in 2017 and continues the journey toward sustainability. They are making the district heating system even more energy efficient and implementing renewable heat sources.

Denmark’s District Heating Evolution

Denmark’s continuous development of district heating is based on political decisions to provide citizens with cheap, reliable, and environmentally friendly heating while also contributing to solving some of society’s other challenges.This publication offers a rewarding overview and answers many questions about district heating in Denmark.

DBDH wrote this report with invaluable input from Elsebeth Arendt, head of district heating at the Danish utility Kredsløb in Aarhus.