Home News The Rebuild Ukraine 2.0 Exhibition highlighted Danish innovation for sustainable reconstruction.

The Rebuild Ukraine 2.0 Exhibition highlighted Danish innovation for sustainable reconstruction.

by Linda Bertelsen
ReBuild Ukraine Exhibition , November 2023 in Warsaw, Poland

The Rebuild Ukraine 2.0 exhibition held on November 14-15 witnessed the active participation of 41 Danish companies, each offering cutting-edge solutions crucial for the reconstruction of critical infrastructure, healthcare, finance, and logistics.

Organized under the collaborative efforts of DBDH, DI, and the Danish Embassy in Kyiv, the Danish Pavilion emerged as a focal point for showcasing Denmark’s commitment to contributing to Ukraine’s ongoing rebuilding process amid the persisting war.

With the war in Ukraine ongoing, Danish companies expressed a collective eagerness to participate actively in the assistance and reconstruction initiatives. The Ukrainian government’s emphasis on a green rebuilding process, aligning with European Union standards, has set the stage for an exceptional focus on sustainable and long-lasting solutions. Danish businesses are known for their commitment to environmental consciousness and hence can contribute their best practices for reconstruction projects.

The Rebuild Ukraine 2.0 anticipated significant engagements at the intergovernmental level. Lars Aagaard, Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, attended the exhibition for the bilateral meeting with Ukrainian counterparts and opened the Danish Pavilion.

The exhibition served as the collaborative platform between the representatives of businesses, territorial communities of Ukraine, and international development organizations. Including Ukrainian cities, regions, and municipalities exhibiting alongside solution providers in the same hall offered a unique opportunity for direct interactions, eliminating the need to wait for exhibitors at the Danish Pavilion.

As Denmark’s presence continues to make a significant impact on Ukraine’s rebuilding journey, the exhibition serves as a testament to the power of international collaboration and the shared commitment to sustainable and resilient reconstruction. Stay tuned for further developments as Danish innovation takes center stage in shaping Ukraine’s future.