by Linda Bertelsen
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In this Hot|Cool Special Collection edition  

We’re excited to share the latest edition of the Hot|Cool Special Collection, which unveils insights on energy transition, cybersecurity in district heating infrastructures, DH success stories, and guides on how to start and transform a DH company. Hot|Cool serves as a hub for knowledge sharing, bringing together industry experts, policymakers, and enthusiasts to foster collaboration and advance our collective understanding of the evolving energy landscape. Enjoy 40 pages of inspiring articles written by district energy experts!

🧭 Navigating the Energy Transition

Dive into thought-provoking articles that illuminate the path toward sustainable energy practices.

Explore the latest developments in district energy and gain valuable insights into how communities worldwide are making the transition to cleaner and more efficient energy sources. The District Heating Stepping Stones argues that the goal of CO2 neutrality is right but that the path to it consists of a series of stepping stones, each contributing to the goal, with cities gradually reducing the use of fossil fuels over time.

🚀 Success Stories that Inspire

Be inspired by the exciting developments unfolding on the German-French border.

In the Strasbourg-Kehl region a showcase project for cross-border municipal heat transition is taking shape. This initiative aims to provide waste heat from a local steel mill to 7,000 households on both sides of the Rhine. Read more about the pioneering heat transition story here. Another inspiring story is how Scotland can succeed in ensuring a just transition and develop a new economic model with district heating networks run by not-for-profit. Read the article by Duncan Smith.

🔐 Fortifying District Energy Infrastructures

Discover the magazine’s in-depth coverage of cybersecurity in district heating infrastructures.

Learn how to navigate the challenges of cybersecurity in the age of modern terrorism. And find ways ensuring resilience and reliability in an increasingly interconnected world in this comprehensive article by Christian Damsgaard Jensen.

💡 End-User Involvement

is the key to green, reliable, and affordable district heating.

The key lies in optimizing the value chain, enhancing supply-demand balance, and engaging end-user participation through data transparency. Ambitious utilities and solution providers are already at the forefront, pioneering digital solutions to turn these aspirations into reality. Check out Steen Schelle Jensens’s insightful article for an in-depth look at the pivotal role of end-user involvement in shaping the future of district energy.

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