by Linda Bertelsen
Banner presentation of Hot Cool no. 2, 2024

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🌍 District Heating: The Key to Unlocking the Power Grid’s Potential to Renewable Energy

District heating systems offer great potential for improving robustness and energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and integrating renewable and waste heat sources. In addition to the benefits of DH compared to individual heating, flexible DH systems can also support the power grid with balancing services by responding to price fluctuations and grid stability needs. Curious to learn more? Dive into the insights shared by the experts at Ramboll. Click here to read the article now! 🔗

🔮 Does Gas have a Future for Heating Buildings?

The natural gas and energy crisis made Europe stand together and take the proper steps away from Russian gas.
The EU stood together, and countries contributed with energy savings and investment in alternatives. The crisis has
been averted, but the natural gas that used to come from Russia has largely been replaced by LNG, liquid natural gas whose origin can also be problematic and should be seen only as a temporary measure.
Authors Søren Magnussen and Sigrid Friis Frederiksen debate the future of gas for heating buildings. Click to delve into the article now! 🔗

🇲🇳 Mongolia – Strategic Heating Plan as an Essential Part of the Green Transition

Focus on CO2 reduction and a green transition away from fossil fuels is at the top of the agenda worldwide.
This also applies in the large but sparsely populated country of Mongolia. A country with very hot summers,
frigid winters, and over 80% of gross energy consumption in 2021 was based on local coal.
Discover how Mongolia is navigating its energy and climate challenges in the transition to green solutions! Based on IRENA’s report “Renewable Energy Solutions for Heating Systems in Mongolia – Developing a Strategic Heating Plan, 2023,” this article provides valuable insights. Click to read the article by Lars Gullev here! 🔗

💶 Pricing Heat Sources for District Heating Networks

Determining prices for waste heat in District Heating networks relies on finding a fair balance between the cost for the heat source owner and what the district heating company can produce heat for independently. This article aims to simplify the process, outlining the necessary steps and methodologies for identifying waste heat sources, negotiating prices, and establishing mutually beneficial contracts between heat source owners and district heating companies. Dive in to learn more about optimizing pricing models for sustainable energy solutions! 💡 Read John Tang Jensen’s comprehensive article here! 🔗

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