The Danish Energy Agency supports export promotion in Ukraine for district heating companies

Date: 29/04/2015

The Danish Energy Agency attended during 20-23 April 2015 an export promotion tour in Ukraine for Danish district heating companies. The trip was organized by the Danish Board of District Heating (DBDH) in cooperation with the Danish Embassy in Kiev.

DBDH represent the major part of Danish companies exporting equipment etc. for the district heating sector. The delegation consisted predominantly of local representatives of Danish companies but also representatives from corporate headquarters in Denmark. From the DEA participated chief consultant Anders Højgaard Kristensen.

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The delegation is welcomed in Kamyanetsk-Podilsky. From left; Pia Zimmermann – DBDH, the city’s mayor, Valerij Gordichuk – director of the city’s utility and interpreters

The tour went to two cities in western Ukraine; Kamyanetsk-Podilsky and Ternopil. There were at both locations – after the mayor’s welcome – visit to the city utility company and their project teams busy with a long range of modernization projects. Focus in Kamyanetsk-Podilsky was on biomass boilers and upgrade of district heating network. While the visit in Ternopil also focused water supply and sewage.

The two cities were chosen because the World Bank is active in financing here and several new projects are underway with international financing. Danish companies are rather active in Ukraine already and provide a.o. district heating pipes, pumps, thermostats, gauges, and design services.