The Danish Energy Agency issues a new publication on its international energy cooperation

Date: 17/05/2018

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) publishes the publication ‘Danish Energy Partnership programme’ on Denmarks global energy cooperation. The new publication mediates the tool kit that Denmark makes use of in partner countries as well at it shows the potentials and results from existing agreements.

Denmark’s international energy cooperation covers 12 countries counting 53 % of the world’s population and 60 % of global greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, the cooperation comes with a great potential to foster green energy and transition as well as showing remarkable opportunities within Danish export of energy technology- and services to Denmark’s partner countries.

Denmark’s energy cooperation with 12 countries – China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Ethiopia, Mexico, Ukraine , Turkey as well as the US, Germany and the UK – aims to support the Paris-agreement efforts to limit global temperature rise to a maximum of 2°C. The cooperation is based on the 40 years of experience transitioning the Danish energy system to becoming one of the most reliable and green systems in the world.

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Source: Danish Energy Agency