The Advanced Cogeneration and Energy Utilization Center Japan visits DBDH

Date: 15/09/2014

In cooperation with State of Green, on the 8th of September 2014, DBDH hosted a high level Japanese delegation visit from A.C.E.J

The delegation comprised 10 high level decision makers from the Japanese oil-, gas-, heavy industry and universities, and the focus was to learn about:
1) The Danish energy system
2) The Danish DH-scheme(s)
3) Other energy sources for DH
4) The interconnection of Danish cogeneration plants and the role of CHP in the Danish energy system
5) Legislation, tariffs and framework conditions in general


For the visit, CTR and Frederiksberg Forsyning presented their respective roles in the Copenhagen energy system and the future trends and ambitions. In addition, Rambøll was invited and presented the general Danish energy system set-up and the role for CHP and large heat accumulation tanks in the Danish energy and DH-system.

For more information on the delegation visit, please contact Ricky Bjørkvik,