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The 4th Global District Energy Climate Awards revealed

by dbdh

The four 2015 Global District Energy Climate Awards were revealed on 27 April in Tallinn, Estonia, during this year’s Euroheat & Power Congress. The finalists were selected from those who best articulated their ambition and aspirations for District Energy performance improvements.

The Awards Ceremony was moderated by Christian Oliver, EU correspondent for the Financial Times. Françoise d’Estais, Head of Unit Finance of the United Nations Environment Programme held a keynote speech, underlining the importance of District Energy, especially for cities. Robin Wiltshire, Chairman of the Evaluation Panel and Chair of the International Energy Agency’s District Heating research programme, announced and congratulated the winners.

Launched in 2009 by Euroheat & Power together with the International Energy Agency and the International District Energy Association, the Global District Energy Climate Awards aim to generate broader awareness, greater adoption and strengthen the importance of District Energy and the movement towards clean, sustainable energy solutions.

New scheme: Hungerkamp System (Braunschweig, Germany)
Category awarding the vision of a new, highly energy-efficient District Energy system

Flexible CHP system demonstrating District Heating at a community scale using locally available renewable resources to displace 34 oil and coal-fired boilers. The Hungerkamp system saves 8,000 tonnes of CO₂ per year. More information.

Modernisation: Lodi District Heating System (Lodi, Italy)
Category recognising the District Energy system that had the most positive impact in terms of effectiveness and efficiency after implementing technical, managerial, or operational modernisation aspects

The modernisation of the Lodi District Heating system demonstrates an integrated approach that has secured an all round increase in system efficiency and reliability. Specifically, the integration of renewable resources, a reduction in heat supply temperature, better controls, and the addition of thermal storage have all combined to improve operation.

Expansion: Combined District Heating and Cooling System (Helsinki, Finland)
Category awarding the District Energy system that expanded to a new area or sector with excellence, delivering significant benefits to stakeholders

In Helsinki, Helen Ltd. now operates a fully integrated District Heating and Cooling (DHC) system that combines cooling with CHP. The major Katri Vala heat (90MW) and cool (60MW) plant, produces an overall energy saving of 80%. Renewable sources include seawater for both heating and cooling, sewage and even the buildings themselves as effective solar collectors.

Special award: Deep Geothermal Energy System (Kirchweidach, Germany)
Category recognising significant innovation in District Energy

This remarkable project delivers a sustainable energy solution that has strengthened the local economy! It harnesses heat and power from deep geothermal energy for growing vegetables that would otherwise be imported (creating 150 jobs), while also supplying residents with renewable heat and electricity.