Taarnby’s smart solution: Electric-driven combined heating and cooling plus wastewater

Date: 01/10/2021

The project exploits multiple synergies to deliver low-carbon energy in Greater Copenhagen.

Denmark, well known for innovating sustainable initiatives, is cited globally as an example to follow when it comes to the future of energy. In fact, Denmark seems to have grasped the formula for a sustainable, resilient and cost-effective approach to energy without compromising on economic growth and community development.

Living up to the country’s standards, Taarnby Forsyning (Utility) – a municipally owned multiutility company – has added one of the smartest and most advanced energy plants in the world to its district energy systems. The facility combines a new district cooling system and chilled-water storage with an existing district heating/combined heat and power system and additional heat extracted from wastewater. Commissioned in 2020, the Taarnby plant provides competitively priced low-carbon energy to the Kastrup business district north of Copenhagen Airport.

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Taarnby Utility was named Heat Pump City of the Year 2020 by the European Heat Pump Association in the “decarbindustry” category, for its advanced combined district energy systems. The award honors the best project that involves heat pumps on an industrial level with the most innovative application in the market. The award was presented in an online ceremony Nov. 17, 2020.