Sweco advises about waste incineration plant in Greenland

Date: 17/12/2015

The consultants from Sweco contributes to environmentally improve and streamline incineration plants in Greenland, but it is not the first time the consultants are inside of Greenland’s plants.

Sweco is to carry out a technical review of the incineration plants respectively in Ilulissat and Aasiaat, Greenland.
The aim is to find the optimal solution with regard to making them more environmentally friendly and extend the plants’ lifetime, streamlining operations and possibly expand the capacity.

“We have been there since the construction of the incineration plants, and now we are back to making them more environmentally friendly and efficient”, says Johnny Iversen, chief consultant at Sweco.

The upgrading of the incineration plants is part of a large environmental problematic
The upgrading and streamlining of the two incinerators are part of a major environmental problematic in Greenland and is an extension of a new waste sector plan to ensure a cleaner and more environmentally friendly Greenland.

“There is a big problem with the discharge of harmful substances in Greenland, which is not decreasing as urban prosperity and tourism grows and it gives more waste”, explains Johnny Iversen.

Emissions from heavy metals and dioxins from incinerators exceed EU limits many times. The goal is for Greenland in 2024 to live up to EU standards, and here the upgrade of the waste incineration plants is a step in the right direction.