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Surplus heat from plastic packaging producer goes to the district heating network.

by Linda Bertelsen

From next year, up to 700 households in Varde, western Jutland, can warm themselves with surplus heat from SKY-LIGHT, which produces plastic packaging and sends the surplus heat to DIN Forsyning.

When the Varde company SKY-LIGHT produces plastic packaging, heat is generated in connection with the production. DIN Forsyning can use the excess heat in the district heating network to provide heat for up to 700 households in Varde, according to a press release from DIN Forsyning.

It is an important step both in the direction of more sustainable district heating and in reducing the amount of CO2 emitted, believes the acting director of DIN Forsyning, who looks forward to the project being realized and going into operation in the first half of 2023.

– We have the ambition to avoid wasting resources. Therefore, when we use other people’s heat rather than producing it ourselves, it is a win-win for our customers and the environment, says the project manager and acting director of DIN Forsyning, Henrik Harborg Blicher.

According to the press release, DIN Forsyning connects a heat pump to the cooling circuit at SKY-LIGHT. The current district heating comes today primarily from the coal-fired Esbjerg plant and from the waste incinerator Energnist.

During peak load periods in the cold season, the heat also comes from DIN Forsyning’s peak and reserve load centers, which currently run on fossil fuels:

– The excess heat from SKY-LIGHT will reduce the use of fossil fuels for district heating by replacing the coal-fired heat. In this connection, the amount of heat from SKY-LIGHT will replace up to 800 tonnes of fossil CO2 annually, i.e., approximately a reduction. 1.1 tonnes of CO2 per household for approx. 700 homes, says Henrik Harborg Blicher and asserts:

– We see this as the start of a new type of partnership, which we would very much like to enter into many more.

At SKY-LIGHT, they are happy to be able to contribute to making district heating greener.

– We were among the first to completely phase out PVC, and our long-standing focus on recycling and energy efficiency is rooted in a sensible approach to using resources. We have always worked very hard on these topics, even long before there was a focus on CO2 emissions and global warming, says the director and owner of SKY-LIGHT, Søren Kjær Larsen.

Translated from the Danish District Heating Association