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Support District Heating Divas Scandinavia

by Linda Bertelsen
district heating divas scandinavia

The district heating community needs diversity and more hands and skills, and women in DH need good networks. DH Divas Scandinavia is a newly founded but already strong network for women working with district heating. Spread the word in your company or organisation and notice that regional groups will organize local events.

The DH Divas Scandinavia held its first annual meeting in June 2023 and is now forming regional groups where women can meet to discuss district heating and other issues related to their jobs. All women who feel connected to DH are welcome, and the network is a mix of women from utilities, technical consultants, DH associations, software and equipment suppliers, and other companies working with DH. 

Activities and information are shared through the DH Divas Scandinavia LinkedIn group, where 235 women have joined. The reasons for joining are varied, and the network has an open and supportive atmosphere where members are free to discuss. 

The group was founded in Denmark, and – so far – most members are based in Denmark. The language is typically English, as the network includes non-Scandinavian speakers, such as specialists working in DH companies. 

Six regional groups have been formed in Denmark, and the aim is to organize local events where women can network and visit an interesting site or company. Both Scandinavian and local events are announced through the LinkedIn group, and here are the Danish regional coordinators:

– Hovedstadsområdet og Bornholm, Tabita Falk Thorsen, Kommunekredit

– Sjælland: Karina Andrade, Roskilde Kommune and Sidsel Skov Birkbak, Gate 21

– Fyn: Maria Hedegaard, Dansk Fjernvarme

– Nordjylland – Anette Qvistgaard Jensen, JPH Energi

– Midtjylland: Anne Seth Madsen, Niras

– Sydjylland: Hanne Kortegaard Støchkel, DBDH

Here is how you can join or support the DH Divas Scandinavia

  • Share information about the DH Divas network with men and women in your personal network. 
  • Join the LinkedIn group (only women) https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12786691/. This is also where information on local events is posted.  
  • Contact the head of the network, Kamma Eilschou Holm, at kamma@khrelation.dk if you have questions or if your company is considering supporting the network in some way. 

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